Introduce your children to the joy of classical music.


Vivaldi’s Four Seasons app shows how music tells stories to help young children (2-5 years) develop a love of music and their own story telling skills. This helps develop their imagination, language skills and brain pathways.

12 minutes long, it brings together beautiful music, stories and photographs to illustrate the seasons. Using the universal language of music it is suitable for children everywhere. NO in app selling or advertising.

Quick peek at app


Vivaldi’s Four Seasons App provides:


Beautiful photographs of the natural world.

Charming storybook characters animated to music.


4 different Vivaldi movements, one for each season, providing almost 12 minutes of storytelling.

Simple interactive activities to engage children.

Interactive activities engage children

The Benefits of Music on Children


There is a great deal of research today to show the positive effects
of being exposed to a musically rich environment. It aids development
of language skills, spatial intelligence and social skills


FREE activity sheets themed to the seasons.

FREE posters of characters from the app.

Fun tips for music activites with your child.

Tips on music activities to do with your child


This short article outlines music related activities to with young children to encourage:

  • Visualising (creating pictures in one’s mind) to music
  • Storytelling to music which they can do long before they can write

Here’s what people are saying:

My little boy loves this app. I thought 12 minutes might be a bit long for classical music and expected him to just play one season at a time but he always chooses to play all the app. — Melissa Marshall

My four year old really enjoys the app – ‘I like it!’ she says. She and her younger sister (16 months) were fully engaged and it gave me real pleasure to watch them smile and giggle at the animations of lady birds cycling, frogs leaping and bugs playing instruments in time to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. – Tanya Donohue

  Start a lifelong love of music.